Measurement & Surveying: the key to success

To us, carrying out measurements is just one aspect of measurementsurveying. Measurement Survey is an integral part of the construction method and is performed during the various construction stages until the project is completed. Without it, construction is not possible and quality cannot be achieved or guaranteed. That is why we pay so much attention to this crucial component of your construction project.


Primary basis

The work of measurement and land surveying starts by converting the national triangulation coordinates into a primary basis for the project. The height is determined on the basis of the Amsterdam gauge or a gauge that refers to it. The definition of the primary basis creates a point of reference for commencement of the project. It also serves as a reliable point of departure for the construction activities.

From the tendering stage

Survey already comes into play when tenders are being submitted for new work. In the initiative in preparation stage, survey can be included as an integral part of the project plans and project design. This is the stage in which Strukton Survey & Monitoring contributes its knowledge and advises on how reliable and accurate measurements can be made. Working out in advance how and where measuring points should be positioned so as not to disrupt the work. And if disruptions are likely, we can anticipate them.

Quality documentation

During the preparation stage, we list all the project requirements incorporate them into a survey plan, which includes all the requirements from implementation up to and including completion of the project. Our clients use these plans to define their budget during the tendering stage. If the project goes ahead, the specified plan is followed and the focus is on implementing and reporting on the measurements. The measurements are structured according to the ‘survey process’ in order to safeguard their quality. On completion of the project, this structure guarantees that the work is delivered with a comprehensive quality dossier.


Supervision of the building activities by Strukton Survey & Monitoring consists of the following:

  • Project management for survey and monitoring
  • A survey action plan for internal and external processes
  • A monitoring action plan for internal and external processes
  • Quality controle plan for survey activities
  • Daily activities log
  • Database for archiving the measurements
  • Mapping of 1, 2 and 3 dimensional structures
  • Measurement of structures
  • Reporting on measurement data in measurement files or drawings


Measurement systems for construction measurement

  • (Static) GPS
  • Total station
  • Precision levels
  • Laser
  • Laser scan

Land surveying and construction measurement

  • Measurement and management for the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) in line with the specifications of Rijkswaterstaat (Department of Public Works)
  • DTB (Digital Topographic Record)
  • Principles of PMG (Primary Geometric Basis) and the SMG specifications of Rijkswaterstaat (Department of Public Works)
  • Measurements of deformation of structures in line with the specifications of Rijkswaterstaat (Department of Public Works)
  • Civil engineering surveys and monitoring
  • Acreage data
  • CAD files and drawings
  • Headroom profiles
  • Kerngis Dry & management map Wet
  • Hydrographical standards
  • Management of construction measurement
  • Engineering baseline surveys