Measuring vibrations: to stay inside the limits

In the Netherlands, the SBR guideline (Stichting Bouwresearch ©) is the standard for the way vibrations must be measured as well as for the permissible values for various structures. This prevents disruption and damage as a result of pile driving, construction traffic, or the insertion and removal of sheet piling, for example. Strukton Survey & Monitoring advises, installs, measures, reports and issues alerts in accordance with this standard.


Early signalling

Prevention is better than cure. That is why we continually monitor whether any threshold or signalling values are being exceeded. That way, we can raise the alarm before any damage occurs. In the event of serious vibrations, adjustments can be made to the construction method.

Communication with the environment

By sharing measurement data with stakeholders in the construction project, you create an atmosphere of openness and trust. This alleviates any concerns in the neighbourhood and fosters a good cooperative relationship between the construction project and stakeholders in the surrounding area.

Focus on cost-saving

Our system takes measurements automatically and issues alerts without the intervention of (expensive) staff.

The ‘live’ and non-stop measurement

On your tablet, smartphone or PC, you can view the data being collected by our measurement system whenever you wish. We make non-stop measurements 24/7.


  • Visual alert (flashing light) while measurements are being made
  • Email and/or SMS alert when threshold values are exceeded


  • Measurements, alerts and reports in accordance with the SBR guideline (Stichting Bouwresearch ©)
  • Deployment of easy-to-install, standalone individual measurement systems
  • Deployment of SMARTbox with numerous vibration sensors for simultaneous measurement, with high frequency vibrations on a single timer (for example, during practical tests)