Sound measurement: dealing with noise-makers

Unfortunately, not all construction projects are noiseless. But we always try to keep the noise nuisance within acceptable limits for local residents. Furthermore, the competent authority may prescribe the use of sound monitoring in compliance with the relevant statutory requirements. Strukton Survey & Monitoring has the technology and the know-how required to do this.


Targeted correction

Sound measurement highlights the cause(s) of any noise nuisance. Based on the information we collect, you can decide which construction activities you want to adjust. With targeted corrective measures, you can still carry out your construction activities in compliance with the statutory requirements.

Manned or unmanned measurement?

You can decide to make manned or unmanned measurements, depending on your wishes and specified requirements. Manned measurements, also called non-continuous measurements, can be performed for critical construction jobs in order to map out the construction work in detail − partly based on the requirements specified in the statutory requirements. Unmanned measurements, also called continuous measurements, are performed in situations where the noise nuisance must be mapped out for a longer period. Strukton Survey & Monitoring has extensive experience with both types of measurements.

Communication with stakeholders

Strukton Survey & Monitoring can also help you to draw up a monitoring plan and to consult with the municipality and other stakeholders about the measurement data.


  • Verification of permit requirements
  • Control of implementation risks
  • Quality assurance
  • Compliance with statutory requirements
  • Prediction and monitoring plan