Survey & Monitoring: our field of operations

Measurements alone do not provide an answer to a question or a solution to a problem. This is why we do more than just measuring. We provide specific solutions to specific problems, and you can always count on us to proactively help you find answers to the questions behind the questions, regardless of the phase of the process, from the definition and design phase to execution or maintenance.

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Strukton Survey & Monitoring distinguishes itself by the direct link it makes between theory and actual practice. In the field of survey and monitoring, we utilise scientific knowledge and technical innovations in the many specialist disciplines of Strukton's business units. Meanwhile, those day-to-day activities challenge us to create new solutions and make improvements. This results in a continuous learning curve that benefits you as our client. Each new experience enables us to hone our answers to your questions.

Three pillars

Our operational methodology is based on three closely-connected pillars that form the basis for successful solutions.

  1. Technology: Affinity with and knowledge of a variety of disciplines, including civil engineering, hardware and IT, sensor technology, scientific research, and users.
  2. Process: Measurements must serve a purpose and provide added value. Their use must be tailored to the working method used in the project.
  3. People: Human intelligence is required to interpret and validate the measurement data in order to facilitate decision-making and decisive action. Without the human element, measurement values are actually useless.

Measurement plan or measurement strategy

Every measurement plan or strategy is built on the aforementioned three pillars. This leads to:

  • capacity to make distinctions in the initiative and design stage
  • risk management and quality assurance in preparation, execution, management and maintenance
  • efficient and effective performance of measurements during the realisation phases.

Five strong points:

  1. From design optimisation to risk management: theoretical and practical knowledge go hand-in-hand, enabling us to take advantage of opportunities
  2. Specialist in measurement, monitoring and data visualisation solutions geared to the requirements in the civil engineering industry
  3. Dedicated specialist, deployable from the initiative phase through to the management and maintenance phase of the construction process
  4. The use of measurements for innovation purposes by researching and testing materials and construction methods
  5. Distinctive in the initiative and design stage to achieve the best results in the EMVI (economically most advantageous tender).

Four fields of operation

The Strukton Survey & Monitoring team is made up of experienced practical experts and conceptual and theoretical specialists. We specialise in four fields of operation:

Geocon: total measurement solutions for the immersion of tunnel elements and caissons

  • measurement and construction dock measurements
  • positioning of tunnel elements and caissons
  • monitoring and data visualisation systems for immersion operations

Construction measurement and land surveying

  • Experience and a tailor-made methodology for the survey of civil engineering structures


  • We work with SMARTbox, our modular measurement system that we use to monitor the full range of engineering values (parameters) in the development or preparation process
  • We use a variety of standard measurement solutions to manage risks in the project or optimise the design
  • For all our measurement solutions, we use a single portal for data visualisation, data backup, threshold value alerts and monitoring of the operational status of the measurement systems

Research into material properties and construction methods

  • Practical research: advance testing, validation and monitoring of construction methods and design solutions and their effect on the surroundings (service tests, test loads)
  • Practical scientific research: participation in research into material properties and construction methods that will enable us – and you – to make a difference in the future. Collaboration and co-makership with leading universities, knowledge institutes and manufacturers based in the Netherlands and abroad.