Time-lapse: speeded-up promotional films

Time-lapse is a technology whereby the frequency with which film images are captured (the frame rate) is much lower than the frequency at which the images are viewed. Played at normal speed, time seems to speed up. This is an ideal − and quick − way of informing clients, colleagues and people in the surroundings about the milestones and technical achievements.

Strukton camera

In the front row

The amount of work to be done from the awarding of the contract to completion of the project is often gigantic and involves a huge number of technical specialisations. Outsiders often have no idea of what this entails. By displaying the construction process using time-lapse photography on the internet or a DVD, you can show people those activities from close by. With this type of communication, you reach a number of different target groups: the local residents, stakeholders, (potential) client(s) but also colleagues, job applicants and – of course – friends and family.


  • Follow the construction process live
  • Take photographs at agreed times
  • Show an abridged film of the construction process


  • Make the images available live
  • HD image materials
  • Take photographs of the construction process and make them available to the project straight away
  • Add information or measurement data to a time-lapse film, with text, music or voiceover