Tidal energy

Tidal energy is a type of sustainable energy that effectively uses the difference in water level between high and low tide and the velocity of the tidal flow. The tidal flow drives turbines that generate energy. There are estimated to be hundreds of sites worldwide suitable for tidal energy generation.


In the Storm Surge Barrier ‘Oosterscheldekering’, a key part of the Dutch Delta works, Strukton and its partners are developing a Tidal Powerplant. This Tidal Powerplant is the largest commercial tidal energy system in the world. We are installing five turbines next to each other with a total capacity of 1.2 Megawatt. Enough to supply 1,000 households with electrical power. 

Strukton and owner Tocardo Tidal Turbines are involved in this project since 2010. Together with our partners Huisman Equipment, Hillebrand, Istimewa and Mammoet we will successfully complete the project.


Andre Hoogeveen
General manager (Strukton Sustainable Energy)

+31 6 53597063

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