The installation of tunnels tends to be a complex business; one that calls for multidisciplinary solutions. Strukton offers a number of integrated specialisms with high service levels, where the main focus is on the end user’s needs. We support our clients by providing input and solutions throughout the process and keep track of the comprehensive process chain – from concept up to and including operation.

  • Immersion techniques

    Over the past 30 years, Strukton Immersion Projects has established a global reputation as the leading specialist in immersion techniques.

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  • Cut & Cover

    The cut-and-cover method is an efficient way of building tunnels and is used by Strukton all over the world.

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  • Traffic technology

    Traffic technology is essential in ensuring the accessibility, safety and reliability of the infrastructure. Strukton has all the expertise required for this process, both in the Netherlands and across the globe.

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  • Observation method

    If you factor in all the uncertainties involved in the design phase, you will end up with a safe yet expensive structure. The Observation Method eliminates the need to calculate the impact of all the extremes in advance.

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